Work Hard. Stay Humble.

Our mission statement at the Jaime Baseball Academy is to “Help lead athletes to tirelessly pursue being the best they can can be through an environment that is learner centered.”

Athletics is a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement, opportunities to share life with others and engage in the beautiful grind of life.  At the Jaime Baseball Academy it is our hope to help our athletes develop a mind that is “Obsessed with improvement.”  A mindset that makes no excuses & takes ownership for success and failure, is passionate for the process of improvement, has a gritty belief that they are never out of the fight, plays with freedom and energy and all this grounded in humility.

Having been blessed to coach baseball the past 20 years I grow daily in my belief that young people are capable of great things if they develop a mind and desire that truly loves the grind.  We don’t make promises of scholarships, velocity gains or launching homeruns.  But, we do promise that we will value each athlete, that we will look to help them find their inner drive and discipline, and that we will never tire of helping them on their journey to find out just what they are capable of becoming.