Over the next couple of months, my teams, like many out there will be deeply entrenched in the off-season and pre-season training process and all that it entails.  This is an exciting time for us as coaches because we have the opportunity to try new things that we have read about in articles, books and Twitter, listened to in podcasts and interviews and seen on videos on YouTube, Instagram or seen at conferences, clinics or other places.  All with the goal of how we can better our programs, athletes and maximize our resources.

I don’t pretend to be the ultimate baseball coach.  There are many highly skilled trainers, educators, experts and coaches working in our field.  But I do think that I am in a unique place that enables me to be able to share insights that will be helpful to some coaches, parents or athletes out there.  I’m highly immersed in the world of coaching/teaching and currently coach an 8u, 12u and high school team.  I also continue to work with college athletes as well.

I’m addicted to the process of trying to get better at things and so in conjunction with coaching, teaching and parenting duties I obsessively devour new information out there, break down video, pore over data and seek to refine how to do things.  So, in summary, I’m not anymore gifted than others out there but I’ve committed much of my life to the science and art of coaching and this blog is intended as an outlet for disseminating information that may be of benefit to people out there and also as a way for me to journal my own thoughts for the sake of improvement.  This blog is dedicated to those who may not have the time to try and begin to keep up on the wealth of information that is pumped out daily or those that may not have the opportunities to test out new ideas all the time.  It’s also dedicated to those like myself, who can’t get enough and are always looking for one more piece that might help them inch closer to their potential.

I will be coming out with content on a regular basis so bookmark this blog and check back often.  Also, give me a follow on: Instagram @jaimebaseballacademy, Twitter @jaimebaseball and  YouTube Jaime Baseball Academy.