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Rather than doing 1-on-1 or small group lessons and training, as Coach Jaime has done in the past, baseball and fastpitch player now purchase month-long Hitting WOD memberships to hitting classes offered Monday-Wednesday.  With the membership athletes will have access to training 3 days per week during an hour-long window (6-7pm or 7-8pm typically).  Athletes are welcome to come and go freely during those offerings, taking advantage of the particular day’s Hitting WOD (Hitting Workout of the Day).  Each WOD is built around a particular Big Leaguer and typically begins with a video analysis and theme for the day (e.g. increasing power, 2-strike hitting, hitting breaking balls, using your mental skills, etc), and then various drills to support that Workout’s theme.


The reasoning for this system is athlete and family-centered.

  • This model allows for increased reps at a lower cost. Most athletes get 1-on-1 lessons once per week.  Hitting just once per week is just not enough to see real change and growth as a hitter.  On average, hitters need to be training at least 3-4x per week in order to see marked improvement… but families can’t afford that many hitting lessons per week and would end up paying close to $500-1000 per month at most facilities for that kind of training.
  • This new format allows for athletes to “work out” their swing in a supervised environment but without micromanagement. The traditional one-on-one lesson format offered in the past leads to over-coaching, over-cuing and micromanaging of the athlete’s swing.  The athlete receives constant feedback and monitoring, but in the world of hitting this just isn’t how improvement works.  Athletes need to be told, shown and then given time, space and freedom to incorporate movements and skills into their swing flow—a coach does not need to be there standing the entire time cuing the athlete or flooding their head with too much information to process in a short period of time. Having the time and space to work out smaller pieces of instruction aids the hitter.
  • Each day will offer a unique experience, targeting various aspects of the swing and keeping learning fresh! Under the new JBA membership model each day there will be a Hitting WOD intended to take 60 minutes.  This Workout of the Day will incorporate various drills that target the essential components of hitting (swing mechanics, vision and tracking, approach, peak performance skills, timing and those aspects mentioned above).  During the Hitting WOD athletes will be assigned various stations, areas and drills and will follow a rotation and progression while allowing them a measure of choice and autonomy as to areas they would like to particularly focus on.  There are also great opportunities for competitions, data tracking and intrinsic and extrinsic motivation especially in conjunction with using the Rapsodo.
  • The Academy accommodates those obsessed with improvement! While athletes are encouraged to stay for the entire H-WOD, they are free to come and go as they please during the hour and they can come as many days as they would like per week, Monday-Wednesday.


Hitting WODs will be running throughout the summer.  The classes are limited to 8 athletes per hour.  We are committed to offering an exceptional learning experience, and limiting attendance proves our commitment to our clients.


Hitting WODs are geared towards serious hitters, ages 12+.  It is our goal to create and maintain a serious training environment that delivers results for athletes obsessed with improvement


  • Hitting WOD Classes: ages 12+
  • Boys and girls welcome
  • Skill-level is not a prerequisite for joining but attitude and work ethic is. In order to establish and maintain an environment that breeds friendly competition, accountability, grittiness, and a growth-centered mindset amongst the members, families should consider seriously the level of focus they will be expected to give during their workouts.


  • $150 per month.